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Im back [Sep. 13th, 2004|08:34 pm]
Hey guys! Whats up? sorry that I havent been here for a while =D well my excuse is ummmm i dunno..i dont have a good one. Anyways hows life? my is as usual, I go to school, got lots of homework....yeah it sucks! but its not as bad, i got 5 A's!!! I got grades from all of the class except from Stoffers....i think i prabably failed the huge driving test thingy...hopefully it wont hurt my grade that bad , as fas as i know is i expected my self to get better than B in that class, coz u know..its driver ed and noone really failed that class. ahh its scary to think about it, what if i failed that class but whatever...i'll do better, work harder!

Lets talk about something else! hmmmmm i went to paseo on Saturday, and OMG i am officially crushing on this dude. His name is Kent, he is awesome tennis player! he is sooo cute when he smile. I think he is pretty nice ( so far is super nice to me. I said that bcoz he helped me with my serving techniques and stuff =D) but u know what? he goes to Goldwater! so i dont think i ever gonna see him except when i go to paseo T_T!!!! but o well at least i should be happy coz i either see him once or not at all.

Talking about tennis, Did anyone see US open on Sunday? OMG!! cant believe how boring it was. i mean it would be a lot MORE FUN IF ANDY WAS PLAYING ( did en1 remember the match at Wimbledon this year? yeah i was incredible! i wish the match between Hewitt and Federer was like that)well, talking about andy, i ABSOLUTELY LOVE the american express comercial! i was awesome! even tho they changed the ending after he lost to Johansson.....yeah it was really sad......but what can i say? Johansson was actually played well on that day but i gotta give credit to andy also coz he was down 2 sets and he won back 3rd+4th set. Great Job Andy!

I was watching Johnny McEnroe tv show thing, roger was a guess so i just sat there and watch, it was pretty cool how he thinks he no more stuff to use in tennis...and lets dont forget that he was sooo cute! and did anyone heard about the ring on Mirka...what he said? i was on the phone so i didnt really pay attention.

WOW this entry is porbably one of the longest on i've done so im gonna stop writing this entry and let u people do something else.


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(no subject) [Aug. 22nd, 2004|09:36 pm]
Wowwie... i havent been here for while!!! everything is going sooooo good for me right now. School started 4 days ago and it was awesome! yeah i cant believe that i said. Well im sooo happy i dont have any class with u know who. And did i mention that he knew i like him? yeah i cant believe it! i think some of my friend told him that. and on last Friday, he walked by and stared at me like im a freak or something....Whatever...so i looked back at him and he looked away...he probably thinking that im such as stalker, but you know what? i dont like him anymore..yes really!

well g2g i'll try to update more often

<3 Gigi
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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2004|10:57 pm]
yesterday - went to school and pick up my schedule. here it is!!

1st hour Driver Ed Stoffers
2nd hour Dance 3-4 Borgesen
3rd hour Chemistry Nicksic
4th hour World History Grisim
5th hour L.A Erickson
6th hour Geometry Lang

Today- there lots going on today, i was talking to my cuz in FL for the whole day....well till the power wasout....she said it was really scary,but everything is ok now.

I was talking to kendra this afternoon . She wanted me to try out for the GOlf team with her ...but i dont think golf is my thing.

And then i was watching the Olympic...it was sooo cool! Roger Federer was sooooooo cute...so is Andy Roddick. Ummm i was looking for MArat Safin but i didnt see him...actually i didnt see any Russian tennis player.

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(no subject) [Aug. 8th, 2004|10:41 am]
[Current Mood |gigglygiggly]

wow i havent been here in a while.....im just so busy with stuff...mostly tennis. anyway i went to wal mart and saw pam anderson....there was soooo much people there. i didnt whats going on at first but then there was a boy yelling OMG its pam... i was like great! so i have to wait like forever to go pay coz there was so many people in line and i was late for my tennis lesson...so pissed. but anyway im so happy now coz im gonna get my hair color today! i hope it will look good coz i cant really imagine me with any color except black. g2g

<3 ya all
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(no subject) [Jul. 30th, 2004|01:47 pm]
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(no subject) [Jul. 19th, 2004|04:55 pm]
wow i havent been here for long time..so whats up everyone? i havent update for while coz the spyware got in my computer so it act sooo stupid! cant log in, it keeping turning off and on..it kinda freak me out at first, but it ok now. and yesterday i went to best buy and i was in the parking lot and one dude came up to me and said" Excuse me? did u jsut call me a JERK?" so i said " What?, i didnt call u a jerk?" and the crazy dude were like " whatever i heard it, u call me a jerk, i dont appreciate u calling me that infront of my wife and my kid" so i was like" dude i didnt call u anything! u can ask the guy right here" and thx god for me having a "witness" u c he park the car next to me so he heard everything. so the "witness" said he didnt hear me calling him a jerk. but that stupid jackass was still yelling at me so there was a security or someone who worked there came and he solve the thing out. and guess what? that guy has issue! he got introuble! i dunno what the security did to the jackass but i have the feeling that he is in touble. K g2g. write more soon!
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(no subject) [Jul. 9th, 2004|09:52 pm]
i havent been here for 4 days. my life is nothing but boring! well its not that bad but im just so bored. Im ready to back to school. talking about school...i got the package thingy from school today, and there was my standford 9 score...i did HORRIBLE in L.A but i did VERY GOOD in math...that surprise me....i guess im a math person LOL. anyways the letter from school said that we have to go to the registration thingy..can we like not go? i dun feel like seeing my schedule, i hope i dont have Stoffer for Driver Eds. i think i know what my schedule will look like k i will have L.A, Geometry,Chemistry,History and Dance for sure. Hopefully i'll have sme lunch with my friends. OMG i missed my friends soooo much!!!! i tried to call them but they never answer or the phone line is busy!!!! now i'm gonna call ashley. write more soon.
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(no subject) [Jul. 4th, 2004|09:36 pm]

hey did en1 see Wimbledon today? OMG it was totally awesome match even tho andy didnt win (its ok i know andy gonna win US Open) I didnt watch the whole thing coz i have to go out =( so i didnt know the result till now. i thought andy was gonna win coz he won the 1st set but anyway he did awesome job! i know that we must be shocked that andy didn't win Wimbledon. But I just wanted to say Andy is still a champion in my heart! maybe he'll win next year!  g2g im soooo hungry. i'll write more next time

i got lots of new andy icon!! thx to _more2life_  andchemikils  those icons r awesome

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im bored and ........... [Jul. 1st, 2004|11:30 pm]

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Fun Fun Fun [Jun. 26th, 2004|09:23 pm]
[Current Mood |lazylazy]

This week is kinda crazy for me. It was really ...hmmmmm interesting. I wake up early for nothing and i hit my self while i was serving so it hurts like hell! and i went to see the doctor. And guess what? she said i might have to get a vacine booster sometime soon, she said its gonna hurt too! well who cares???!!!even i dont care ( well maybe a

anyways i went to the tennis lesson and i didnt bring enough water...and omigah! i was gonna die! plus we have to do W for the warm up...i guess i should show up late so i dont have to do running stuff! i dont really like my tennis class that much anymore! coz there is a one freaking annoying kid in my class...im not gonna say who it is but hate her!

Today i went to ashley's b-day party! it so freaking cool! Kathy, Sandra, Hannah and Ana went there so it make it even more fun! Kathy and Sandra were so freaking crazy hyper! it was sooooo funny. Anyways we went there and there r some people i dunno..so i make a new friends. There r pretty nice..there were 2 dudes always fighting...it was pretty entertained =) I have to leave early so i didnt see ashley opened the present. i hope she likes it!

ahh i typed too much..bye!
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